We are Source Diving, your Swiss diving school for sports and tec diving!


Source Diving

The name Source Diving does not exclusively stand for diving in sources or caves. Our name stands for the memory that diving is the source for a bunch of positive things in our lives. Diving enriches every single day ouf our lives, makes us happy, keeps us healthy, helps to escape everyday routines and will strenghten you in your life. Diving is a sign of happiness and physical comfort. Our aim is it to transport this feeling and this enrichment with our philosophy, our classes and tours also in your life. With this in mind:

Diving is a passion, not just a hobby!


Salomé Wiedmer

Salomé is proprietor, instructor and managing director of Source Diving. Diving and traveling is her great passion. Salomé visits and dives manifold places worldwide in order to teach students there and make them known with specific water conditions and factors.

During her constant work as diving instructor and head of the technical department of the Orca Dive Club in Safaga/Egypt and teaching her students in manifold technical classes in different countries, Salomé was able to collect extensive experiences with different diving conditions.

Salomé has mastered over 3.000 dives; more than half of these in the area of technical diving (CCR, TMX with depths reaching from 100 till more than 150 meters), as well as caves and wrecks. As an expert and one of the few women in this area, Salomé holds several sponsoring contracts of well-known manufacturers, e.g., Hollis Dive GearScurion Lamps or from the diving computer manufacturer Heinrichs Weikamp. On top of her priority list, Salomé prefers the diving of caves and wrecks. But domestic waters, like the Lake Thun, are preferred as well.

While diving, Salomé has a huge pleasure to meet up with different personalities and to teach them. Her aim is to teach and train every student to a safe diver and to pass on her passion for diving: Diving is a passion, not just a hobby!

Within the diving classes, Salomé takes care of a high-level training, what can be observed in the content as well as in the skills she requests underwater. This guarantees the diver a lifelong joy within this field of sports.

Furthermore, she would like to accompany and further train her students in order to keep them up-to-date with the latest developments in diving. This can be done with a dive to refresh skills or to consult the student with his specific questions. This kind of service is not commonplace anymore; however, Salomé wants to set a good example with her diving school.

Salomé is instructor for:
  • IART
  • PADI
  • TDI