Manifold versions of technical diving are present. Depending on your personal interests, we can offer you a wide range of possibilities as well as various trainings. Do you like to dive far beyond the 40m boarder for sport divers? Then we recommend you our tec classes starting with Advanced Nitrox. Do you like to dive longer and beining fascinated of the absolute silence underwater? Then, closed circuit or rebreather diving may be the right thing for you.

For the ones with nerves out of steel and being interested in the exploration of a totally new and facinated world underwater, cave diving may be an option to get one’s money’s worth.

No matter whether wreck diving or mixing specific gases, everything is possible with us!

We offe you the following classes:

Open Circuit TEC-Diving Classes

Closed Circuit TEC-Diving Classes

OC/CCR Cave Classes


DPV-Diving (Scooter)